Simple Locally Compiled GitHub Pages

Sometimes it just takes too long to do something easy. It’s been a couple years since this blog was active, and when I tried to publish a post I couldn’t remember how I did it. It was clear docs was the source branch and master was the compiled site, but I couldn’t remember how to easily do that.

Google was filled with unsatisfying solutions. Use Travis CI? A Gulp task? A 10-15 line shell script with conditionals? Honestly, something so straightforward shouldn’t be so hard.

I finally realized I could accomplish the same thing with a worktree. I created a worktree called _site that checked out master.

$ git worktree add $GIT_ROOT/_site/ master

Now, when I publish, I just have to push up a separate commit after building. It’s a shell script, but it has no conditionals and I completely understand what it’s doing.

jekyll build
pushd _site
git add .
git commit -m 'Deploy'
git push origin master